Sales Product Specialist

Ed Voyles Honda
Marietta, Georgia

Sales Professionals

Ed Voyles Honda is looking to draft some of the area’s top talent to join our growing team.  We are proud to have one of the most awarded and desirable vehicle fleets in the automotive market and our store is a very active leader in the community. This combination makes it ideal for a sales associate to prosper and be successful. If you do not have automotive sales experience, but excelled in another field that required the same type of customer interaction, we would love to chat with you.

Here is what we know:


  • You are comfortable with mobile phones, tablets, computers, and social media sources because let’s face it……. so is grandma at this point.


  • You’re going to be talking to a lot of customers. You’ll leave them delighted, because you’re brilliant at customer service.


  • You’ll gain expert knowledge of Honda vehicles and explain the features to our awesome customers.

  • You’ll demonstrate the benefits of our vehicles and be comfortable presenting them in the mirror, to walk-in customers, referrals, repeat customers, the mailman, your neighbors or anyone else that is within reach.


  • You know how to smile and have fun, and you’re not afraid to do either of them!


  • You have a high-energy motor because that’s just how you are wired.

  • We don’t believe in high pressure sales. We simply help our customers find the most cost effective vehicle that meets their needs, while giving them a great experience. We price our vehicles based on extensive research to be highly competitive and our management staff will coach you to success!

Ed Voyles Honda has introduced an all-new compensation package that pays you in several different ways.

  • Training Pay of $3000.00
  • Above average percentage of front end gross profit
  • Volume / Unit bonuses
  • Customer Satisfaction bonuses
  • Flex scheduling featuring early and a late day schedule.
  • You will receive a wide range of benefits including FULL medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Discounts and an associate pricing program on vehicles, parts and service
  • Graduated vacation plans
  • Support for continuing education and personnel development are included 

Tell us why you are considering our team. Are you currently working, and need to maintain confidentiality during this process? We certainly respect that, so please indicate that on your resume.  Give us the best phone number, day and time to call you when it is best for you to have a conversation.


If you don’t LOVE where you work, you should really hit us up!

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